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Natural Swimming ponds are a recent addition to the concept of Sustainable Water Management. At Sustainable Water our expertise in swimming pools has elevated our profile to cover all aspects of water management.

However north of the country can sometimes be subject to adverse weather conditions, therefore the attraction for outdoor swimming possibilities has been minimal till it was discovered that Norwegians have been indulging in this luxury for sometime.

Incorporating the facility of a Sauna and or a Steam Room the attraction of the cool plunge pool is instantly appealing.

Working alongside experts in the field from Scandinavian Countries we have experienced some idyllic pond solutions for our climate

The cleaning process works on the basis that the Swimming Pond is formed from two zones, a regeneration area and a swimming area.

The ponds are re-circulated through the regeneration area which consists of media and a careful selection of Macrophytes and Bryophytes which purify the water by up-taking nutrients and providing oxygen to the root zone area.

These chemical free swimming solutions have provided a sustainable low maintenance concept with rewarding aesthetics in your own environment.

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