Sustainable Sewage Systems

Sustainable Sewage Treatment Systems

At Sustainable Sewage Systems we endeavour to use the best available technique that does not exceed excessive cost. (B.A.T.N.E.E.C.)This encourages us to remain sustainable in our approach to meet the requirements set out in law.

Working closely with customers in many industries, we develop and optimise solutions. The results of these partnerships are improved processes, increased quality effluents and lower maintenance costs which contribute to the success of sustainable water management.

Our approach enables us to remain proficient in our field by using locally sourced materials and goods to reduce the overall cost to the customer, and to reduce the impact on the natural environment and finite resources.

Constructed wetlands are natural treatment systems that allow the settlement of organic material and increase the activity of micro flora through the addition of oxygen from plants.

Design Stages

We provide a combination of ways to treat wastewater. Ranging from Sub-surface horizontal flow to vertical flow reed beds.

They may incorporate lagoons as settlement ponds for primary treatment and the above for secondary or tertiary treatment of municipal/domestic wastewater.

At sustainable sewage systems, we can consult for the client on a range of topics.

Preliminary stage

• Feasibility study
• Develop programme of works
• Project management
• Cost time planning

Design stage

• Onsite surveying
• Determine design parameters
• Initiate parametric model
• Construct design drawings
• Discuss parameters with client

Construction stage

• On site monitoring
• Construction guidance
• Efficient timescale of build
• Suppliers of materials
• Stage monitoring (ensure flow)


• Initial maintenance (weed control)
• Monitor effluent discharges
• Meet regulatory requirements
• De-sludging of septic tank
• Record of maintenance
• Peace of mind for client & environment

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