The Sustainable water company are the driving force behind the pragmatic approach to developing tailored water solutions in the sustainability sector.

Combining the skills, process and technology we have branched out to deliver on all aspects of sustainable water management.

Every company has different strategic objectives.


Sustainable Water effectively coordinates the people, processes and tools required to align the client's unique strategic objectives in a sustainable manner.

Design Managers are uniquely positioned to coordinate with their client to deliver a robust and sustainable approach to the control of water activities.

Working with management to harness the approach and contribute to these distinctive objectives locally and Sustainably rather than traditionally.

Sustainable water improves the opportunity available to the client and environment.


ls your water suffering from weed infestation?
Has weed reduced your area of fishable water?
ls weed interfering with your casting?
Have weed control measures been unsuccessful?
Have you considered professional weed cutting?


Our Truxor amphibious cutting machine (the only one based in Scotland) can be delivered to any convenient access point by land-rover/trailer. Once off-loaded and the cutting blades attached the Truxor then self-propels across land and into the water, where it can start cutting immediately. Weeds are cut down to the bottom of the loch or pond. Once cutting is complete, the blades are removed and "collectors" are fitted. The Truxor then "sweeps up" the floating cut weed and dumps it well clear of the water. Collecting cut weed and disposing of it well away from the loch or pond is as important as cutting itself. The unique Truxor runs on "caterpillar" tracks which propel it on land or water. If you would like to see this amazing machine in action, please see the next paragraph.

Sustainable Water Company has several years experience in general weed cutting and has recently completed a de-weeding programme for a local angling club which was experiencing serious problems with weed infestation their loch was rapidly becoming unfishable. To gain an idea of the state of the loch, before and after the programme was complete, google: bridge of allan angling club select home page, click weed control. The pictures speak for themselves! After the final photograph there is the option of viewing a video of a Truxor in action. For further information regarding this operation, please contact the club’s secretary. Email :

If you are experiencing problems with weed, please consider contacting us : Sustainable Water Company. We are a local firm based in Central Scotland (Kirknewton) and cover most of Scotland and Northern England. As a first step, Sustainable Sewage Systems will carry out a (free) survey of your water. This will let us complete a proper appraisal and advise how best the problem might be met, together with an estimate of the time required to complete the work and the likely cost. Even if you are clear of weed, but are aware of another fishery experiencing problems, please pass on our details. We are happy to discuss all aspects of weed control and cutting and the technical detail of the unique, amphibious Truxor.